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Why Study Abroad?

Career Development

Public policy, international politics, global trade, multinational corporations, immigration services, human resources; these and many other careers require knowledge of and firsthand experience in the world beyond U.S.borders.  We are increasingly becoming a global community and marketplace.  Make sure you're prepared! 

Off-campus study...Makes you highly marketable  
  • Enhances your resume  
  • Strengthens your ability to communicate despite language barriers
  • Provides you with professional contacts overseas  
  • Exposes you to new career options
  • Shows a willingness to take initiative despite the risk

Academic Enrichment

Study-away programs are NOT simply sightseeing excursions around the world. Academic rigor and integrity remain at the core of each Explorations program. Some programs, such as the study tours, are designed and led by BW faculty members. Like that of a semester-long, class field trip, these experiences allow students and faculty to travel and learn as a cohesive group. Independent programs, on the other hand, enable students to continue their academic studies at foreign or domestic institutions. Whichever program you choose, it will surely enrich your academic experience by:
  • Fulfilling academic requirements
  • Strengthening critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Increasing your awareness and sensitivity of global issues
  • Providing an international perspective to your academic major
  • Becoming proficient in another language
  • Fostering time management and organization skills

Personal Growth

What better way to gain valuable insights into yourself and the world around you than by traveling!  Whether you venture across the country or around the globe, study-away programs foster personal growth and development in ways that are difficult to duplicate on campus. 
Off-campus study programs... 
  • Challenge and inspire your values and convictions
  • Increase awareness of your own culture through comparison and contrast with other cultures
  • Foster independence and interdependence
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures
  • Allow you to cope more easily with ambiguity
  • Expand your circle of friends far beyond campus
  • Expose you to parts of the world you've only imagined
  • Force you to adapt to new situations
  • Open your mind