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Financial Aid & Cost

BW Full Semester Recommended Programs

Students who choose to participate in a full semester (Fall or Spring) Recommended Study Abroad Program can expect to pay charges as a BW residential student--current tuition, room, and board, for the respective semester.  If the selected Explorations/Study Abroad Program cost is more than the BW charges for Tuition, Room, and Board, then the student will pay for the additional charges accordingly. All financial aid and scholarships apply for BW Recommended and Faculty-Led Programs. For summer programs, please see Explorations for details.

For all programs, students should expect airfare and in-country expenses to run between $3,000 and $5,000 more than the cost of tuition, room, and board at BW for one semester.  A small price to pay for the experience of a lifetime!

BW Faculty-Led Programs

There is an additional program fee for faculty-led programs. Details regarding the cost of each program is outlined on the program's webpage. The full list of faculty-led seminars can be found here

This fee covers airfare, most meals, lodging, event tickets, etc. The cost and coverage depend on the program. Please see the program page for specific details.

Financial Aid and Scholarships 

If you are eligible for federal aid or receive institutional scholarships, you may use these resources to help fund BW recommended off-campus programs. Once the cost of your program has been determined, the Financial Aid Office will apply your aid package to your program.
Financial assistance -- BW, Federal and State financial aid eligibility (except federal work-study), applies while studying abroad. This includes BW merit and scholarship awards, BW need-based grant, federal and state grants and loans, private education loans, and prepaid tuition plan withdrawals.
For need-based grants, federal and state aid, parent and private loans, students must have completed the
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
How does the financial aid office know who is studying abroad?
  • The Financial Aid Office receives a list from the Explorations Office of students approved to participate in Explorations/Study Abroad programs for each semester.
How do I know if my financial aid will change as a result of studying abroad?
  • Financial assistance, for students who have filed the FAFSA, is automatically reviewed for all students participating in approved Explorations programs. Financial aid is revised depending on the program type and program costs.
I am a commuter. What happens to financial aid for room and board when I study abroad?
  • Room and board charges are part of the program costs, so your financial aid award will be revised to include those charges for the semester in which you will be studying abroad. A revised financial aid award will automatically be sent to you.
When there are program costs in addition to standard BW charges (tuition, room, and board), am I eligible for additional financial aid?
  • Students who have filed a FAFSA and have demonstrated financial need according to the FAFSA results may be eligible for a study abroad grant when there are program costs in addition to BW costs.
What about the cost of travel and added personal expenses associated with study abroad travel. i.e. airfare, local travel costs, can they be covered by financial aid?
  • Additional expenses related to travel abroad are part of the financial aid calculation process but do not qualify for an additional grant or scholarship funds. Additional student or parent loan eligibility will be offered as part of the revised financial aid awarded to help offset these expenses.

In addition to federal aid, other forms of financial assistance may be available. Public and private organizations, businesses, and churches often award grants, loans, and fellowships to students traveling abroad. Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of personal attributes (ethnic or religious background, parents' field of employment, etc.).  For more information about available scholarships/funding, please click here.