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Explorations/Study Abroad


Steps to Studying Off-Campus


  1. Brainstorm Ideas

    When contemplating to study abroad, there are many factors you should consider: locale, course offerings, opportunity for travel, learning/perfecting a foreign language, opportunity for cross-cultural experiences, obtaining professional skills. More specifically, in what country or city would you like to study?  How long would your ideal program last (semester, academic year, summer)?  When would you like to leave?  Is cost a factor?  Will you need financial assistance to carry out your plans?  Do you already receive or qualify for financial aid at Baldwin Wallace University?  What is your foreign language ability?  How well do you adjust to new and challenging situations?  Would you prefer studying with other Americans, students of the host country, or a combination of both? Additionally, what courses or subject areas would you like to study?  Would you prefer classes in English or in the host language?  Do you have specific degree requirements that must be fulfilled?  Have you met with your advisor?  What does she/he suggest?  Your advisor and other professors may have suggestions about opportunities at specific schools or in specific countries. These questions are not meant to intimidate you, but instead to help you organize your thoughts, rational, and objectives for studying-away. Begin by meeting with your academic advisor and add "Study Abroad" to your GradPlan. You will also want to begin exploring our program page to determine which programs are of interest to you and which programs best fit with your field of study. We also recommend that in the fall, you attend our annual Study Abroad Fair.
  2. Meet with the Study Abroad Center

    You can request an advising appointment Or just visit the Study Abroad Center located on the 2nd floor of the Union. We welcome walk-ins during normal business hours Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00 pm. 
  3. Apply

    To begin your Baldwin Wallace study abroad application, go to the Programs page. Once you have decided on a program click "Apply Now." You will  be asked to login, using your BW name and password. For example enter ksmith not All of the instructions and requirements for your program will be accessible from this page. Please be sure to note the application deadlines. Once the required materials are submitted you will be notified of acceptance via email and will then need to commit to the program and continue following the steps for completing your application.
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