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Policy for Off-Campus Study

Conditions for Off-Campus Study

Students must meet the following requirements to study abroad:

Current BW Status

You must be a current BW student and  have completed a full semester (minimum of 16 weeks) of study on-campus before you may submit an application.


Your cumulative grade point average has to be 2.5 or above (the host institution might have a higher GPA requirement.)  If lower than a 2.5, students may appeal with the permission of the Explorations Director. GPA requirements for faculty led programs are set by the instructor.

Student Conduct record

Serious or multiple violations of college policy may jeopardize your eligibility for Explorations/Study Abroad programs. You will not be eligible for a program if you have been found in violation of any of the following policies within the past 12 months: Alcohol, drugs, assault (any type), harassment, stalking, vandalism, theft and more (this list is not all-inclusive).

Bursar's approval

Your account must be paid in full, or at least, making current payments to the College for the current term.


You must be willing to accept and pay for an international health insurance policy as required by the College.

Click here for the full Study Abroad Policy .pdf