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Returnee Resources

When students return from studying abroad life can be different and many may experience a readjustment period.  A good way to handle this transition is to keep your study abroad experience alive and an active part of your daily life. Some ways to do this include on campus involvement, leadership experiences, volunteer experiences, and keeping up with Study Abroad on social media.  The resource guide below provides you with multiple resources to help you readjust back to life at home, keep your experience alive, and leverage your study abroad experience when pursuing post graduate opportunities both abroad or in the United States.

Additionally, students will want to consider how to speak professionally about their study abroad experience, how to articulate it on a resume, and how to turn it into a leadership or networking opportunity. Whether you are interested in working abroad, pursing graduate school abroad or finding a career here in the United States with an international component, these resources can assist you in your search. Finally, you are encouraged to stop into the Study Abroad Office located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union for additional support, assistance and with any questions you may have!

Click here to view the Study Abroad Returnee Resource Guide!

Returnee Guide