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Proposing a Faculty-Led Seminar

Proposing a Faculty-Led Seminar

Faculty are key to the sustainable success of study abroad at Baldwin Wallace University. Faculty have a tremendous influence on students' learning and development. In addition to faculty being encouraged to promote study abroad opportunities during their in-classroom interactions with students, they also have the opportunity to work with the Explorations Office to create, plan, and lead a study abroad program. Explorations provides administrative and logistical support for all faculty-led study abroad seminars. Faculty-led study abroad programs are designed to encourage a variety of students to study abroad. These opportunities would not be possible without the dedication and effort of the faculty who direct these programs.
The information provided in this section of our website is intended for faculty who, with the support of their department and college/school, are interested in developing and administering a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Seminar at Baldwin Wallace University. 

What is a faculty-led study abroad seminar?

A Faculty-Led seminar is defined as an off-campus experience that is tied to a BW course in which students and professors travel together, in or outside the United States for an extended period of time. A study abroad seminar can be created around any discipline.

Why lead a seminar abroad?

Faculty-led study abroad seminars at Baldwin Wallace University promote learning through experience, encourage participants to make meaningful contacts with cultures different from their own, and offer the opportunity for participants to explore a unique physical location.  Students will build a strong connection with faculty seminar leaders while taking advantage of their expertise in the field.

Program Length

Faculty-Led Seminars follow a 3+1 model. This means, there is an on-campus 3-credit hour course + a 1-credit hour travel course.  The on-campus course can be full-semester or a mini-mester course. The travel portion of a faculty-led seminar is typically 2-3 weeks in length.


Student Academic Credit

  • Short term seminars range between 1-3 courses that range between 1-4 credit hours each. 
  • Full semester seminars are a minimum of 12 credit hours

Faculty Teaching Credit

  • Faculty members leading short term seminars will count the course(s) as part of their load for that semester. Flexibility will be granted to faculty teaching load to allow attaching the +1 course to the semester course or to summer.

International Studies Core Requirement 

Any BW Study Abroad Program, approved by the Explorations/Study Abroad Advisory Council, will full the international studies undergraduate core requirement.

Experiential Learning Requirement (EXP)

Any BW Study Abroad Program, approved by the Explorations/Study Abroad Advisory Council, will fulfill BW’s experiential learning requirement. Experiential learning is the primary goal of faculty-led seminars, and can only be successful with the careful planning and programming of BW faculty members. Although each seminar will have different secondary goals – some of which may be connected to a specific subject area or discipline, while others may be more interdisciplinary – all faculty-led seminars should provide meaningful experiential learning complemented by a rigorous academic program.

How do I get started?

Faculty-Led Seminar Proposals are due 2 years in advance to ensure students have plenty of time to plan and raise funds; to allow faculty time to complete exploratory site visits; and for recruitment to be successful. Before starting your proposal, the Study Abroad Center recommends that you meet with your school's Study Abroad Liaison. They can offer advice and assistance with the proposal process as each liaison is a member of the Study Abroad Advisory Council. Please contact the Study Abroad Center for your school's Study Abroad Liaison contact information. 

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals are due 2 years in advance by the following deadlines:
  • Spring Seminars: March 15 (I.E. Applications for Spring 2015 Seminars are due no later than March 15 of 2013)
  • Fall Seminars: October 15 (I.E. Applications for Fall 2015 Seminars are due no later than October 15 of 2013)

Before submitting your proposal, consider the following:

Contact Explorations/Study Abroad

Meet with the Study Abroad Center Director, Christie Shrefler ( ) and the Chair of the Study Abroad Advisory Council to discuss your program proposal.

Meet with your Department Chair

Receive approval from your department chair. Ensure that your department supports your seminar as a University authorized course.

Complete proposal

Online Application for Proposing a Faculty-Led Seminar  (The Study Abroad Advisory Council will review each proposal and accept/decline the proposed seminar.)