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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Madrid, Spain
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: BW applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA: 2.50
Program Description:
El Instituto Franklin-La Universidad de Alcalá
Instituto Franklin   Spanish flag map   Madrid 1

History & Description

The Spanish Studies Program came about as an initiative to facilitate collaboration between the Universidad de Alcalá and North American universities interested in internationalizing their students. The Program was established in 1987 and since then it has developed into a program which addresses the current interests of students and institutions alike. Throughout more than 20 years of accumulated history and experience, this initiative has transformed the Institute into a reference point as a leader in Spain for specialized teaching, curriculum development, and study abroad programs. This success is greatly due to the personalized attention they give their students which enables them to maintain high evaluations of their professors and over all of their university associates.

Their academic program reaches beyond the usual study abroad programs by treating this academic experience as a global experience. The time spent studying in Spain is considered a fundamental period of academic development for the students, and besides the excellent curriculum, they offer an integrated education for their participants which maximizes their potential in intercultural and personal development.

Madrid, Spain

"Madrid is an ex-convent schoolgirl, a rebellious teenager who pushed the boundaries of hedonism and then grew up and got sophisticated without ever forgetting how to have fun. That’s why this is a city as at home in the nightclubs and bars that give the streets their soundtrack as it is in the hallowed halls of high culture.

It’s true that Spain’s capital doesn’t have the immediate cachet of Rome, Paris or even that other city up the road, Barcelona. Its architecture is beautiful, but there’s no Coliseum, no Eiffel Tower, no Gaudí-inspired zaniness to photograph and then tell your friends back home, ‘this is Madrid’. But this city is an idea, a way of living for the moment that can be hard to resist.  Madrid’s calling cards are many: astonishing art galleries, relentless nightlife, its transformation into Spain’s premier style city, an exceptional live music scene, a feast of fine restaurants and tapas bars, and a population that’s mastered the art of living the good life. It’s not that other cities don’t have some of these things. It’s just that Madrid has all of them in bucket loads.

It’s often said that this is the most Spanish of Spain’s cities and it is indeed Europe’s most passionate city writ large. Very few madrileños come from here originally, possibly making this Europe’s most open and welcoming capital. If this can be summed up in a single phrase, it’s the oft-heard, ‘If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid’. It’s not that they’ll knock you over with the warmth of their welcome. Rather, you’ll find yourself in a bar or lost somewhere and in need of directions, and you’ll suddenly be made to feel like one of their own. Just as quickly, without knowing when it happened, you’ll realize that you never want to leave" (


Madrid 2   Madrid 3   -Madrid 4

About The Program

Orientation and Airport Pick-Up

When you arrive in Spain, airport pick-up will be provided.  Please be sure to notify your Instituto contact about your arrival date and time beforehand. 

Orientation is also provided. The purpose of the orientation sessions is to provide all students with practical, cultural and academic information to make their study abroad experience more enjoyable. Students will learn how to use their medical cards, public transport passes, etc. They will also become familiar with some details about life with Spanish families and cultural differences. Students will also be given a detailed breakdown of the courses offered to them including information about cultural activities and field trips that supplement those lectures.


Students live with host families in Alcalá (section of Madrid).

Food & Laundry

In terms of meals, students will be fed three meals per day in their home stay and they will receive laundry service once a week in home stays.

Banking & Cell Phones

It is recommended that students keep their American bank accounts and simply use the ATM's instead of opening a local bank account.  It is imperative, however, to inform your bank of your upcoming time abroad and to learn more about your bank’s policy for making withdrawals  in order to best avoid any banking problems.  Usually, you should expect a fee for withdrawals (usually about $3 or $4). More information regarding banking will be discussed during the BW Pre-Departure Orientation Session.  

As for cell phone usage, it is recommended that students purchase a cell phone and phone cards in country.


All courses are offered in Spanish, except for one or two in English.  In order to take classes in this program you must be able to speak at a low-intermediate level of Spanish.  To keep full-time status as a student you will need to take a minimum of 12 credits. To view course offerings, you can go to:


All of the courses offered at this institution have cultural activities related to their content. These activities are mandatory for students who sign up for them. You will find out more once you choose your classes.  To browse some of the field trips that have been offered in the past, go to this link:


All BW students are required to have international health insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in this insurance. More information regarding insurance coverage will be provided once you begin an online application or contact Explorations for more details. 

Students can use all exercise facilities of the UAH, some sports and classes like karate, etc. have an additional cost.  The facilities are located about 20 minutes from the institute by bus.

Academic Calendar

Fall:           September - December
Spring:      January - May


Current BW Status

You must be a current BW student and have completed at least one semester of on-campus study at BW before you may submit an application.


Your cumulative grade point average has to be 2.7 or above. If lower than a 2.7, students may appeal with the permission of the Explorations Director. See Explorations for more details.

Student Conduct Record

Serious or multiple violations of college policy may jeopardize your eligibility for Explorations/Study Abroad programs. You will not be eligible if you have been found in violation of any of the following policies within the past 12 months: alcohol, drugs, assault (any type), harassment, stalking, vandalism, theft and more (this list is not all-inclusive). Your student conduct record will be verified with the Residence Life Office during the BW application process.

Bursar's Approval

Your account must be paid in full, or at least, making current payments to the University for the current term.

All BW students are required to have international health insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in this insurance. More information regarding insurance coverage will be provided once you begin an online application or contact Explorations for more details. 

What Can I Study?

All of the classes that you take will be in Spanish, therefore the course subjects available to you will be: Spanish language, International Relations, Business, History, Spanish Culture and Civilization. 

Academic Credit

In order to receive transfer credit from your classes abroad, you need to receive a "C" grade or better.

How Much Does It Cost?

Students who choose to participate in this full semester program can expect to pay charges as a BW residential student--current tuition, room and board, for the respective semester. All of your financial aid and scholarships will apply. Students should expect to pay out of pocket for airfare and in-country expenses. These typically run between $2,000 and $4,000. However, this will depend on your personal spending habits. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships

In addition to federal aid, other forms of financial assistance may be available. Public and private organizations, businesses, and churches often award grants, loans, and fellowships to students traveling abroad. Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of personal attributes (ethnic or religious background, parents' field of employment,etc.) For more information about available scholarships/funding, please visit :

This program is currently not accepting applications.